Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) launches
a fintech programme

NHH is launching an international master’s programme in fintech to meet the dramatic changes facing the banking and financial services industry as it grapples with new technology and new business models. 

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“New players contribute to redefining the industry, and this places the established expertise on trial,” says the director at NHH Executive, Birthe Kåfjord Lange.

“The master’s programme aims to contribute to boosting the level of expertise in the financial services industry and strengthening the ability of the managers to handle the enormous developments we are seeing now, both technologically and strategically. Through a strengthened market focus, the financial services industry will get closer to its customers and strengthen its competitiveness when it encounters changing times and new challenges in an increasingly global context. This should lay the foundation for developing new and better services for the market,” says Kåfjord Lange.

The new programme will be part-time over two years and is aimed at managers in banking and finance, in both established companies and startup businesses. Even though the programme is based in the Norwegian market, the goal is to also attract international participants. 

NHH Rector Øystein Thøgersen and the Director of NHH Executive, Birthe Kåfjord Long, are the first to offer a master’s degree programme in fintech in Norway.

“To keep up with the developments taking place now, enhanced insight into a number of disciplines is required: technology, finance, strategy, innovation, marketing and management. However, this is first and foremost about interdisciplinary understanding: it is in the interface between the disciplines that much of the essential insight comes to light. We therefore want to emphasise an interdisciplinary approach and have a strong international focus, where we will learn from the best environments in the world in this area,” says Kåfjord Lange. 

The fintech master’s programme is a result of NHH being a Finance Innovation partner, an industry initiative that achieved industry cluster status for financial technology in October. 

“There has been a lot of demand for this education programme. We think it is very exciting to be the first in Norway to offer such a further education programme,” says Kåfjord Lange.