Must recruit more employees to create growth 

Stacc Core developed software that helped Monobank enter the market at lightning speed. Today, the company has established three subsidiaries and has international ambitions.

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General Manager Geir Hamre Nordvik and investor Dag Alvern in Stacc have their hands full with Norwegian customers and are searching for more employees to scale 

Stacc started out as a provider of complex ERP solutions under the name CVision in 1999. In recent years, the founders have bought back the company, changed the name to Stacc and revitalised it with new products and services. Brage Finans, Monobank and Easybank are three of the financial institutions that use software developed by Stacc. 

“We are growing strongly and will roll out our platform to four or five new customers by the end of 2018,” says Dag Alvern, one of the co-owners of Stacc. “We have had big ambitions for a long time, but it is the development of technology in recent years that now enables us to gain momentum.”

The solution from Stacc has been developed on top of Microsoft Dynamics Navision. It is in principle relevant to all banks, but the company has consciously chosen to collaborate with new players who want to establish themselves in the market or players who want to use the solution to create an additional portfolio of new products. 

Must recruit more employees
Stacc Core has established three subsidiaries to deliver a broad portfolio of products to customers. The company delivers technology and software building blocks to financial institutions, as well as other customers with demanding internal processes who must create good user experiences externally.

“In a short period of time, our staff count has grown to 50, and the companies have a large overlap of customers,” says Alvern.

Success has also presented challenges
“We need more capacity and have a great need to recruit more employees. We need more capable people who can combine knowledge of technology with business understanding, and preferably have knowledge of banking and finance,” says Alvern.

Our international ambitions have been somewhat on hold, while national growth has been prioritised.

“We have waited to go full steam ahead internationally, but we have ambitions to develop a partner network so that we can pursue our international ambitions in a good and sensible manner,” says Alvern.

Facts / Stacc

  • Stacc has approximately 50 employees and its head office is in Bergen.  
  • Stacc Core is the parent company that developed the software product that has helped several new financial institutions enter the market. 
  • Stacc Insight delivers consulting solutions to most of the banks in Norway. 
  • Stacc Flow has a unique product for generic system support for processes in general and in banking and finance in particular. 
  • Stacc X is developing visual components to create good user experiences for all: consumers, business owners, consultants and administrators.