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Small investors can trade on the same terms as large professional traders thanks to Huddlestock’s platform. Now the Stavanger-based fintech company is ready for international expansion.


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Huddlestock is launching its product in Asia. Øyvind Hovland (co-founder and chairman), Murshid M. Ali (co-founder and CEO), Michel van Tol (co-founder and CIO) and Nicholas Gains (CTO) are looking forward to further growth.

The idea behind crowdtrading is to collect the funds from everyone who is “trading” into a “single trade”, so that it becomes a large trade and is eligible for completely different terms.

The Huddlestock platform offers insight from the best equity analysts in the world to everyone, and professional investors can pitch their investment ideas directly on the platform at the same time. Crowdtrading allows customers to invest at a low cost with low brokerage fees. Small investors can choose what type of strategy they want for their investments, and otherwise operate in the financial market in the same way as professional investors. 

“By using our platform, our customers will have the same access to information and the same financial terms as professional investors,” says Murshid M. Ali, CEO of Huddlestock.

Number of users will increase tenfold
Huddlestock was named the “Best Fintech Startup” at the Nordic Startup Awards. The company is aiming for international expansion and has received good feedback from banks and investors in London and Singapore.

“Today, we have over a thousand active users. We will be rolling out in Asia in the first quarter. Our ambition is to increase the number of users tenfold by this summer,” says Ali. 

Until now, our growth has been organic, but our sales efforts will be intensified going forward and will especially be aimed at the B2B market. 

“We have a highly scalable B2B model, where the existing brokerage houses and investment banks acquire a fully digital system by integrating Huddlestock into their existing customer offerings. We gain access to users, while our B2B customers gain access to new investors, including international investors from other countries, and not only from Norway, for example. We have come quite far with large B2B customers in relation to integration into different markets,” says Ali.

Facts / Huddlestock

  • Established in 2014.
  • Has offices in Oslo and London.
  • 8 employees.
  • Named “Best Fintech Startup” at the Nordic Startup Awards.