An app that makes it easy to change suppliers

The consumer becomes the winner when the banks must make customer data available to third parties pursuant to the new EU directive, PSD2. Payr will enable your customer data to save you money.


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Pyyr has developed an independent payment solution for bills. CEO Espen Einn demonstrates the solution.

“Payr has developed an independent payment solution for bills, where we help you to find better suppliers based on your payment history,” says the CEO of Payr, Espen Einn.

“As a consumer, you should expect to have all your bills and accounts in one place. It should not be necessary to use several apps and log in to multiple online banks to obtain a full overview of your finances,” he says.  

That’s why Payr has developed the app so that it can be used regardless of which banks or payment methods the customers have already chosen. All bills can be paid by credit card through Payr, so that bonus points can also be collected on payments. The plan is to allow customers to also use PayPal, Vipps and other means of payment in the future.

The EU directive, PSD2, which is due to be implemented in the course of 2018, will result in the banks’ customer data being released to third parties, if the customer desires this. This means that new players, like Payr, can establish services that retrieve customer data from different sources. This opens doors.

“With customer data available, we will be able to analyse all payments and thus be able to give consumers tips about other suppliers that could be the smarter option,” says Einn.

“We can see what you pay for different services, scan the market to find better suppliers, and then calculate how much you can save by changing your mortgage, mobile subscription, electricity or other service provider,” he says.

Espen Einn claims that the tips given are independent of any agreements they have with the suppliers.

“We promise full transparency. We will provide independent price and product comparisons, and we will make it quick and easy to change service providers at the same time. Everything takes place in our app, and you can change your supplier with a few keystrokes,” he says.

Facts / Payr

  • Norwegian company that allows consumers to easily compare and replace their service providers based on their customer data.
  • Established in 2016 by serial entrepreneur Espen Einn. 
  • The company now has 15 employees in Norway and Poland.
  • Licence from the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway as a payment service provider.
  • Became the first non-bank to implement the use of electronic invoices (eFaktura) in November 2017.
  • Well-positioned to implement the PSD2 directive, which will be introduced in Norway by the end of 2018.
  • The directive will facilitate increased competition in the payment services market and will allow third parties to offer payment services and obtain access to the banks’ customer information.